I think I finally have determined a way to post videos without auto-starting while minimizing the load time of my blog.  I tried about 6 different ways of embedding videos, however this meant to load my blog, you would have to wait for the videos to download.  The easy solution was to put the videos in separate HTML files which I’ll link in my post.  Then I found out the videos would not work in Firefox which turned out to be a code problem in the HTML files I created.  Nothing is ever easy… 🙂  So after two days of figuring this stuff out, I think the videos are finally posted for good.

I was asked a few questions yesterday (i.e. Wed 9/26/07) about how I determine daily SR levels.  My explanation in my previous blog was not very clear.  I thought the easiest way to explain this is by going through my thought process as I create daily levels on my chart.  I created a video and converted to Flash for uploading to this blog.  The video was so big the converter created two flash files so the part 1 video will pause in the middle while it loads the second half:

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