I received a couple questions about strong and minor SR levels:

Some experienced traders talk about strong and minor SR levels. Do you differentiate your levels? If so, do you treat them differently in your trading?

There are major and minor SR levels.  Major SR levels can easily be seen on higher time frame charts (e.g. hourly or daily) where minor levels can usually only be seen on lower time frame charts (e.g. 5 minute).  Major levels also tend to act as support or resistance over and over again.

On a DOM, you can see orders stacked up at these prices and seem to keep replenishing themselves as trades try to chip away at them. In terms of auction market theory, major SR levels are the prices that the commercials have identified where the market is cheap or expensive. In other words, it’s where the market players who can really move the market want to buy or sell. Unless market expectations change, the major SR levels usually hold.

Periodically, I’ll look at my daily SR levels that are far away from current price action and remove the minor SR levels. The minor SR levels lose significance when they are far away from the price action. I do not change my trading approach based on whether an SR level is major or minor. I treat all SR levels on my charts the same and let the market tell me by how it behaves around a level as to whether or not the SR level is still significant and tradable.