If you’ve visited my blog before, you may be wondering what happened to all the information.  It was my intention all along to make this site a member’s only site.  I placed http://nickajackcreektradingco.com online to show the content to a few people for feedback.  I’ve since invited a few others via email and have added the website address to a few of my forum username signatures.

When I signed up for Google’s Adsense program, I didn’t realize that would direct google bots to this site.  A few hard-core information seekers have found this site (probably on page 20+ of a google search) and have told a few other traders.  The site has only been up for 2 weeks and has already been visited by several hundred unique visitors.  How’s that for viral marketing?  I don’t think I could have done that well if I tried to advertise. 

I didn’t initially create this site as a members’ only site because I did not know how.  After researching a bit, I found the software I needed to make it work.  You’ll see a link “Read the Rest of this Entry >>” on most posts which will direct you to a login/registration page if you are not already logged in.

I’m sharing personal, valuable, and copyrighted trading information in this blog.  All I ask is that you join the NCTC community by registering as a member.  There is no cost.  I will be creating a member’s only forum for discussions around support and resistance trading which (I think) will use the same member username and login information.  Additionally, I may offer products and/or services in the future for members who (like me) always want to learn and improve their trading. 

This blog is supported through ads and affiliate links.  There is no obligation to purchase anything.  I recommend a few trading education products and books on this site because I found them to be useful in my development as a trader.