This is my first post ever to a blog and it’s difficult to determine how I should start.  The purpose of this blog is to share information and experiences about my full-time profession as a work-at-home, independent futures day trader.  I hope to capture and organize much of my trading knowledge while also learning from other traders.  Trading is a skill that can always be improved.

Futures trading is a business.  As a business, there are many functional aspects which need to be handled to run a successful business.  A business is hindered or can possibly fail if one or more aspects are not given the proper attention.  For a trading business, some of these aspects would include trading systems (entry setups, entry triggers, stops, and profit targets), money management (how much to risk on each trade), trade management (how to manage stops and profit targets), order management (how to enter and exit orders), hardware setup (computers, monitors, Internet connections, etc.), software (charting, order entry, back-testing, programming, etc.), accounting, taxes, brokers, quote providers, environment (noise, comfort, etc), news (especially planned events like FMOC announcements), and most importantly; your frame of mind as a trader.

The above list is fairly extensive but more than likely I’ve left out a few topics.  The subject of trading systems alone could (and does) fill thousands of books.  There are many market theories and technical indicators that are touted to give a trader an ‘edge’ over the market.  I cannot claim to know or tried but a fraction of all the trading approaches out there.  I do however have a pretty good library of trading books and have spent thousands of dollars on ebook trading systems.  Most of them did not work for me, but a few have influenced my current trading methodology.  Any trading system that you trade must fit you.  It took me about 3 years before I started to consistently take money from the market.  My systems may not work for you and that’s ok.  Hopefully we’ll both walk away more knowledgeable than before we met.

I have experience and thoughts about all the above listed trading aspects.  Through this blog, I hope I can articulate them and explore them with other traders.