The dbwSnagItFTP utility is a free TechSmith Snagit front-end that I developed which enhances SnagIt’s FTP capabilitities and integrates SnagIt with Ensign Software’s eChat.  The utility enables functionality similar to Ensign Windows built-in chart posting capabilities for any other Windows based charting software (or any Windows program). 

The features of dbwSnagItFTP include:

–  Automatically sends snapshot to an FTP server.
–  Can automatically post a snapshot to Ensign’s eChat.
–  Can automatically copy the http URL address of the snapshot to Windows clipboard.
–  Multiple FTP sever specifications
–  You can specify as many FTP servers as you like.
–  You can quickly select an FTP server profile from a dropdown menu.
–  Graphic file types are specified for each FTP server profile.
–  Can automatically create a Remote Data Path using the current system date.
–  Displays the last automatic file number so you always know your last snapshot name.
–  Can easily edit snapshot file prefix and last file number.
–  System wide hotkey (Shift-Ctrl-J) to capture active window.
–  Can send snapshot to SnagIt Editor for previewing or annotating.
–  Includes three common capture modes: Window, Region, and Active Window.
–  FTP profile pre-setup for
–  FTP profile template included for free image hosting.

dbwSnagItFTP ScreenShots:  

dbwSnagItFTP main screen

dbwSnagItFTP FTP Profile screen

The dbwSnagItFTP utility requires:

–  TechSmith SnagIt v7.2.5 or above (note: I think it will work with v6.2 and above but I do not have older versions of SnagIt to test).
–  Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 (most computer will already have this installed)
–  Microsoft MDAC v2.8
–  Microsoft Jet Database Engine 4.0

Instructions for checking your computer for the above free Microsoft components and how you can install them are included in the documentation.

dbwSnagItFTP Installation Instructions:

If you have v1.10 installed and would like to keep your FTP settings, then install the v1.20 upgrade without the database:

For a complete v1.20 install, you can download dbwSnagItFTP here:

Unzip the dbwSnagItFTP120(u).zip file to a temporary location.  To run the installation program, double click on:


Follow the instructions to install.

dbwSnagItFTP UnInstall Instructions:

If you want to remove the program, you can do that through your Control Panel:

Start -> Control Panel
Add or Remove Programs
Select dbwSnagItFTP
Press Remove button

I hope you find the program useful.  I use it everyday to capture my trade snapshots to my own FTP servers and I also use it when I want to post to Ensign eChat.