Nickajack Creek Trading Company, Inc. was founded in 2003 by myself (dbw) as an online retailer of silver and gold coins.  Collectable coins are purchased and held for investment and/or placed for sale on the auction site eBay. 

I am also a full-time day trader, currently focused on US market index futures.  Thus this website serves two purposes:

  1.  To blog and discuss day-trading.

  2.  To provide a website for a future online coin store.

Nickajack Creek is a for profit business.  As the owner, I trade coins, stocks, and futures with the intention of making a profit.  This website may contain links to products or sites for which Nickajack Creek receives some compensation.  If this offends you as a purist blogger or trader, I’m sorry.  Trading is business and creating multiple streams of income is just smart business.

My intention is to provide information on day trading that I’ve learned since 2003 as a full-time day trader.  I’ve contributed a lot of ideas to public and private trading forums over the years, but after a while those ideas seem to get buried and/or archived.  I’m creating my own blog so that I can capture and organize my thoughts about what it takes to be a successful day trader.  I also hope to make a few new friends who are passionate about taking money from the markets.